Black and Blurred

#114 WANTED: Good Men...(who are dangerous)

May 03, 2023 Black and Blurred Episode 114
Black and Blurred
#114 WANTED: Good Men...(who are dangerous)
Show Notes

We felt that it was necessary for us to give a little mid evening slap in the face for us to keep our eyes open. The next major national issue is on the cusp of its typical divisive strategy and in a country where the Church seems more reactive than proactive - we felt it necessary to get ahead of the curve. Whatever the next issue is, the tactics of the enemy is to eliminate from our homes, our communities, and our churches men. I don't just mean men in biology...but men whose identity is founded on the ultimate man - Jesus Christ. Men whose convictions are lead them toward protection and sacrifice; men who would find it no less than an honor to die beside their King. These are dangerous men...who are good. It is this class of manhood that is ultimately under attack. Even though we aren't at each other's throats per se over a specific issue right is coming. The church will need men who are willing to wage war against the darkness through leadership, faithful preaching and daily dying. This is what the enemy hates.

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