Black and Blurred

#113 The REAL Beginning of 'Wokeness'

April 19, 2023 Black and Blurred Episode 113
Black and Blurred
#113 The REAL Beginning of 'Wokeness'
Show Notes

The term "woke" has ascended higher than anyone who was previously familiar with the term would have ever imagined. It is used in academia, reputable programs and even in Congress! How did we get here? Are we familiar with how this term came to be? Rather than doing a deep historical dive on its inception, we will offer you a taste of it in its most raw form. Someone who was woke was a self-proclaimed intellect who espoused actual foolishness and led people away from the truth of Christ. We will share some examples and (finally) introduce you to an episode we did 2 years ago that was requested to keep hidden.....until now.

Kevin Wesley Clip - WATCH
Ray Hagins Clip - WATCH
The Bible is Reliable - WATCH

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