Black and Blurred

Ep. 93: A Plea to the Neutral Christian

October 19, 2022 Black and Blurred Episode 93
Black and Blurred
Ep. 93: A Plea to the Neutral Christian
Show Notes

November is right around the corner. There many vitriolic events and conversations that seem to be fading to black as the elections make there to way to our calendars,  Are you sick of truth coming to light in the shadows only to be contradicted again whenever politicians decide to do so? Remember the COVID conversations? Remember the vaccine conversations? Remember the accusations? Remember the slander toward those who said COVID had a 99.9% survival rate and that the vaccine needed more testing in order to be truly trusted? Remember when people took a stand to not get vaccinated and they were fired from there jobs? To the neutral Christian: have you looked around to see if any of that turned out to be valid? Do you take these things into consideration? Here is a plea from Black and Blurred to you...

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